Angus Fletcher

Software Developer, Technical Team Lead

+1 506 292 9071

angusiguess on github


Interested in designing and building distributed systems and addressing the many problems that might come up in that process.


LiveOps Cloud Platform / Serenova

Staff Engineer


Here I’ve helped architect a new system, built a number of libraries and services for this system, specified and build an integration testing tool, for which I led a team, and currently head up our core services team. Of late I’ve been working to increase our system observability and to solve difficult problems in our critical services (things like memory leaks and race conditions). All of this work has been done in Clojure.


Rubyist, Git Wrangler


As an early stage hire for Introhive, I initially worked part-time while going to school debugging and working on features. After graduating, I continued to work there, maintaining and adding features to our ruby on rails app, contributing to architecture discussion, and introducing version control workflows to address employee growth.

Department of National Defense

Coop Student, Software Engineer




University of New Brunswick


Bachelor of Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics


I maintain a blog at where I write about some of my technical side projects.

I’ve spoken twice at Maritime Devcon, once about testing distributed systems, and once about error handling in asynchronous systems, inspired heavily by Joe Armstrong’s Erlang dissertation.

I’ve spoken once at Clojure West about my work on building a NES emulator based on immutable data in Clojurescript.


I like cycling, music, reading, recreational programming, cooking, learning new things.


I like to learn new things but in the last few years I’ve worked quite a bit with Clojure, Cassandra, Zookeeper, git, mysql, om (I’ve dabbled), elasticsearch, AWS, docker and docker-compose. I wrote this resume in emacs.