Last Updated: January 3 2023


This routine was put together to satisfy a couple of goals:


I built the routine based on some synthesis Movement By David has done, who suggests that about 5 total minutes per original stretch a week, so I've opted for 2 sets of 30 seconds for stretches, with a one minute rest, assume this stretch and rest duration for all stretches. 2 sets for any arm or leg specific stretches assumes stretching both, of course.

The Routine

2x Cat-Cow

Cat Cow

2x Figure 4 Stretch

Figure Four

2x Kneeling Hamstring Stretch

Kneeling Hamstring

2x Sitting Toe Reach (w/ resistance band)

Sitting Toe Reach

2x Lying Hamstring Stretch (with or without band)

Lying Hamstring Stretch

2x Pigeon Pose Progression


If this is too easy, work towards King Pigeon

2x Knee over Ankle Stretch

2x Pancake Stretch


2x Windmill Toe Touch


2x Toe Touch

2x Horse Stance Stretch

Horse Stance